The renovation of the 16-Classroom Block is the signature project of Government Secondary School Afaha Eket Alumni Association so far. The project was conceived shortly after the formation of the Alumni Association in 2015. 
This was after we had bought and presented a brand-new Hyundai Car to one of our former principals, Elder Edet G. Utuk, to mark his 80th birthday anniversary in October 2015. This happened barely two months after the Alumni Association was formed. In December 2015, we bought and presented to Government Secondary School Afaha Eket a brush cutter and a lawn mower during the Alumni Association’s First Ever Reunion.
A 14-man Project Committee headed by Mr. Benjamin Ekpo and Mr Owoideghe Adiakpan (Secretary) was set up and tasked to evaluate, estimate, raise funds, vet and select competent vendors/contractors to execute the renovation of the abandoned 16-Classroom Block building. While it was a project that we were all excited about, it seemed a tall order then considering the number of registered members and the fact that only 23 members made financial commitments during the purchase and presentation of the car gift.
With very little money in the purse, the Committee decided to look inwards in getting a contractor for the project. Quotations were sought and obtained from two Alumni; 3rd Eye Impression, which quoted about N8.8 million and Engr. Imeh Imeh, who quoted N37 million; in January 2016. The project team decided to go with the 3rd Eye Impression quote believing that even with adjustment for inflation, the cost was achievable.
The Project Team, with the support of the Executive Committee (EXCOM) started a gradual process of fund-raising by getting pledges from members. This culminated in a fund-raising dinner during the 2017 Re-Union and Awards Ceremony in Eket where N9, 884, 000. 00 was raised, mainly through pledges by members; for the project. The Project Team then divided the project into two phases for ease of execution and funding.
A 5-man Project Monitoring Team, headed by Engr. Ekerette Usak, was also set up to monitor the execution of the project and report to the Project Team. The project execution did not start until 13th December 2017 and by then, the quotes had to be renegotiated with 3rd Eye Impression as inflation and market forces had rendered the initial quotes of January 2016 unrealistic. Phase One of the project was executed at a cost of N6, 345, 550. 00 covering the under-listed areas between 13th December 2017 and 31st March 2018:
1.Dismantling of old roof, removal of debris and re-construction of new woodwork.
2.Construction of Pillars to structurally reinforce the building.
3.Re-construction of failed toilets & classroom deck.
4.Purchase and Installations of Long Span Roofing Sheets.
5.Installation of PVC ceiling in 16 Classrooms, Toilet and Store areas
The project went into a break after the completion of Phase One to enable the project team to re-strategize and raise more funds as the need to modify the scope of the work became apparent. Phase 2 was then divided into Phase 2A and Phase 2B for ease of execution and covered the following areas:
1.Removal of all old floors/replacement with new floors,
2.Amendment of all windows/doors to smaller sizes,
3.Erection of pavement for erosion control,
4.Reconstruction of passage wall on the ground floor,
5. Windows & lintel copings,
6. Patching of cracks and holes on the walls.
7.Procurement and installation of all doors/windows (Glass Louvers on top floor), (Mortise Wooden Windows on ground floor), fancy blocks (Toilet areas) and Iron burglary proof (ground floor only).
8.Plumbing/Sanitary wares installation, Submersible pump and construction of a new Soak-away/Septic tank,
9.Reconstruction of blackboards,
10.Construction and installations of two entrance gates/protector with galvanized irons,
11. Amendment of the existing staircase and construction/ installation of two new staircase railings using galvanized iron.
12.Procurement and installation of a thunder arrestor against lightning and thunder strikes,
13.Painting of all internal walls, external walls and the under decking.
Work on Phase 2A commenced on 31st May 2018 and ended on 31st December 2018 before the Project Team embarked on another break due to paucity of funds. The last phase of the project (Phase 2B) started on 11th May 2019 and was expected to be completed on or before 26th July 2019 to allow for the inauguration of the project on 27th July 2019 as part of the Reunion/Awards Ceremony.
Unfortunately the contractor (3rd Eye Impression) could not deliver on schedule. The opening ceremony still had to be performed though the building was in a less than satisfactory condition. The post-inauguration work was done using a sub-contractor (Energy Painting & Designing Works). The sub-contractor was expected to tidy up some outstanding work in the area of painting of the doors, repainting of the building and installation of plumbing and sanitary wares.
At the end of the renovation, Phase 2 was executed at a cost of N8, 550, 625. 00. This brought the total cost of the project to N14, 896, 175. 00.
The entire Government Secondary School Afaha Eket Alumni Association is happy to have added value to our alma mater by putting back to use the abandoned 16-Classroom Block. It is worthy of note that this feat was made possible by contributions and sacrifices of only 67 members plus the Class of 1989 whose names have been immortalized in the history of GSSAE Alumni Association. For ease of fund-raising, donors were classified into Platinum Group, Diamond Group, Gold Group, Silver Group and others.
We thank all those who made financial and moral contributions to the successful execution of the project. God bless you all.
Members of the Inaugural Project Committee: 17th October 2015 – 9th August 2019
1.Benjamin J. Ekpp -Chairman
2.Owoidieghe Adiakpan-Secretary
3. Aniekan Bassey Willie-Member
4.David Lawrence- Member
5.Macarius Essien – Member
6.Samuel Effik -Member
7. Jack Ette -Member
8.Francis Odoro-Member
9.Paschal Akwawo- Member
10.Akpan B. Ekwere-Member
11.Ekerette Usak -Member
12.Flora Bassey- Member
13.Thompson E. Thompson- Member
14.Jayne Essien-Member           
Project Monitoring Team:
1.Ekerette Usak – Chairman
2.Akpan B. Ekwere-Member
3.Godwin Ekong (Principal)- Member
4.Samuel Effik –  Member
5. Helen Udofa –  Member

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