You will recall that based on the decision of the Executive Committee, the alumni association had set up an ad-hoc welfare intervention committee on March 31, 2020 for the sole purpose of providing financial relief to some of our members who experienced unbearable financial stress due to the paralysing effects of COVID-19 that has resulted in suspension of global economic activities.
That decision was gladly welcomed by all our members. Based on this, a Special Committee headed by a worthy old student, Owoidighe Adiakpan, was established. Other members were Daniel Edon, Ekom Itauma, Benjamin Ekpo and Helen Udofa who served as Secretary.
With its terms of reference clearly spelt out, the Committee, which was initially joined by the alumni President, the General Secretary and the Chairman of the BoT, went to work with an unprecedented zeal and was able to sustain that momentum throughout the period of the assignment. By the agreement of the House, the assignment was to last for just a month—from March 31 to April 30, 2020. As soon as the proper machinery was set in motion, the above mentioned officers withdrew from the Committee.
With a target of one million naira, funding of the project was through voluntary cash donations by members of this association. All payments were made to the association’s central account.
The welfare package was to be enjoyed only by registered members of the association. Other simple conditions and qualifications for the package were outlined by the Ad-Hoc Committee and approved by the EXCOM. It was agreed that at the end of one month, any unspent amount standing in the name of the COVID-19 Emergency Welfare Committee would be transferred to the purse of the association.
The COVID-19 Emergency Welfare Committee covered only medical and food needs of qualified members. The amount approved for each qualified applicant was between N10, 000 and N30, 000 only. This amount was only paid after the Committee conducted background checks on the applicants and found their claims to be genuine. Thereafter, the Committee forwarded its application with full identities of the applicants to the EXCOM. The approved applications and the amount were, in each case, transferred directly to each beneficiary’s account by the Committee. The identities of the beneficiaries are only known to the Committee and members of EXCOM.
At the end, the Committee received 26 applications from registered members. Out of this, 21 applications were approved by the EXCOM as recommended by the Committee. Beneficiaries were given amount ranging from N10, 000 to N30, 000. Applications not approved were based on the fact that the applicants sent in their request 24 hours after registering as members of the alumni association.
The Committee’s report indicated that a total of N995, 000 was realised through voluntary donations by members of this association. At the end, N362, 000 was disbursed to the applicants. This left us with a balance of N633, 000; which has already been transferred to the fund of the alumni association as earlier decided.
The EXCOM and members of this association greatly thank members of the GSSAE COVID Emergency Welfare Committee, especially the Chairman, for their commitment in the discharge of their duties. It is through their diligent efforts that we have been able to do successfully, in our little way, what governments at the highest levels and with massive resources at their disposal, have been struggling to accomplish during this period.
We also express our deep appreciation to every member of this association who made financial and moral contributions to the project. It was through your compassionate collective efforts that 21 of our colleagues were able to buy medicine and put food on their table during this period. God bless you.
We assure you that the balance of the money will be invested in a fruitful venture and the House would be fully briefed.
It is on this note that EXCOM declares the assignment of the Committee completed. The Committee is hereby dissolved with immediate effect. Thank you and God bless.

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